By David Pugliese

Ottawa Citizen

Defence Watch

Canadian veterans of both world wars will be among the four individuals to be induced into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame this summer.

Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF) will induct the late Redford Henry “Red” Mulock, who earned the Distinguished Service Order in his first year of service with the Royal Naval Air Service during WW1, as well as Vi Milstead Warren who was a first officer working for the Air Transport Authority during the Second World War before going on to become Canada’s first female flying instructor.

Also to be inducted are former Chief Astronaut Julie Payette and northern bush pilot Willy Laserich.

The four Canadians will be inducted into the CAHF at its 2010 annual dinner and ceremony in Vancouver, B.C. on June 10.

Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame is located in the hangar at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, south of Edmonton. It describes its role as trying to increase the public’s understanding and interest in aviation history by making its displays, archives, records and artifacts accessible to current and future generations. The CAHF hopes that “the heroism and courage embodied in the Members of the Hall serves to kindle the spirit of adventure in Canada’s youth.”

The CHAF has inducted 196 people into its ranks since it was established 37 years ago. Each has played a key role in Canada’s aviation history while at the same time contributing to the country’s technical and commercial growth.

The four latest honorees will bring the total of inductees to 200.

Here are the biographies of the four provided by CHAF:

Julie Payette (1963 – ) is a multilingual pilot, musician and singer who epitomizes the talents and education of Canadians selected as astronauts.  She logged more than 1,200 hours as a pilot, before becoming the chief astronaut of the Canadian Space Agency from 2000 to 2007.  Julie has now spent more than 25 days in space where she supervised a spacewalk for space shuttle Discovery, operated the ‘Canadarm’ robotic arm, served as mission specialist on a number of operations, and as flight engineer aboard space shuttle Endeavor.

Vi Milstead Warren (1919 – ) is a pilot and role model for women in aviation.  She achieved the rank of first officer working for the Air Transport Authority in WW2 flying more than 47 types of aircraft.  Following the war, she worked as Canada’s first female flying instructor, before breaking new ground as Canada’s first female bush pilot flying in some of the country’s most remote and dangerous conditions.  In 2004, she was inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada.

Redford Henry “Red” Mulock (1886-1961) of Winnipeg, distinguished himself as one of Canada’s most highly skilled pilots, earning the Distinguished Service Order in his first year of service with the Royal Naval Air Service during WW1.  His extraordinary career trajectory continued as he rose in rank and responsibility through the Royal Air Force.  As group captain he led a bomber group, and following the war was honored as a Companion of the British Empire, going on to join Canadian Airways Ltd and rising to the rank of air commodore in the RCAF reserve.

Willy Laserich (1932 – 2007) earned admiration as both an individual and as a pilot during his career.  He maintained a perfect safety record for 50 years, but was also known as someone who could take calculated risks.  He continually campaigned for better air services and facilities for the people of the Northwest Territories.  He flew more than 3,000 medevac flights, more than 100 search and rescue operations and saw six babies born aboard his aircraft.

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